Tree block #1

This first tree block is something I admired on Crazy Mom Quilts blog and wanted to recreate it.

(As I am somewhat making this up as I go along, I will take notes as I sew. This allows me to recreate a block/quilt/bag again. This also includes notes of things that I don’t like, in order to adjust the pattern next time around.)

My strips will all be 1.5 inches high. Completed strips will be 12.5 in long. I started with cutting out the colored pieces first, as I was not entirely sure how long I wanted each. The smallest is 1.5×1.5. I doubled the length for the second one. And did the same for the next. But I wanted 5 colors, so I couldn’t keep on doubling. The next 2 lengths ended up at 10.5 and 12.5.


Now comes the hard part for me – quilters math. In theory it is just adding an additional .5 inch to each seam. However, this is not always so simple for me. Point in fact, the first strip (2nd longest as I like working from the bottom up) I thought I needed 1.75 inches of white on either side. Ended up too short, so I seam ripped and tried again. 2.25 on either side was a tad too long, so I trimmed it.

The next three colors went well. Lengths at 3.75, 5.25, 6.

I trimmed a little after finishing the block. I decided to wait to sew on the white strips to the top and bottom until I figure out how everything is going to fit together. I have a feeling it will be somewhat challenging.

Finished block

I think if I make this block again I’d like to make the color strips thicker so they stand out more.


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