Ninja Star

I’m sure this star has a different name, but I’m going to call it Ninja. (Please let me know the traditional name!)

Start out by cutting out 4, 2.5 inch square of background fabric.

The first version of this block I marked the back of the squares 3/4 inches in from the corners on 2 adjacent sides of the squares. Then, I drew a line from the top mark to the right, bottom mark. And another line from the bottom, left mark to the bottom, top mark.


I then sewed the colored fabric on, like I would in paper-piecing, right-sides together, making sure there was a quarter inch seam of the colored fabric. Press and trim the block (using the background square as your guide).


Repeat the process for the second adjacent side. Make 3 more of these. Then sew together.

After making this first one, I realized I wanted the star to be a little more prominent. So I marked one inch in and up from the right hand corner. And used the upper right and lower left corner as the other marks.


I like how it turned out!


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