Wonky Star

This wonky star was the trickiest to design for me. I tried out a couple of versions.

The basic concept of a wonky star is a 9-patch layout, 8 of the squares are background and the center is the focus fabric. On 4 of the background squares you sew 2 of the focus fabrics from two opposite sides to the bottom center.WonkyStar_construction

So it turns out something like this.


I decided to make mine a little more wonky – none of the 9 patch squares are the same size.

I also tried a wonky star with a mixture of paper-pieced points with the normal wonky star.


And a conglomeration of finished wonky stars.



That last one came about because I wasn’t too in love with the gray mix of paper-pieced and wonky, but I already made the points. So I just put it together without the center strip. Looks pretty cool.


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