Tree Skirt Piecing

Getting close to finishing!

The next part is piecing everything together. I started by finding my old tree skirt to use as a template. I then started to lay out all the blocks. Trees first, then stars. Rearranging to find the right combination.


I then started sewing sections together – a tree with 2 or 3 stars. I ended up cutting strips of background fabric at 2 (or 2.5), 4, and 5 inches wide. Sew two pieces together, press, and trim. Then lay it out to see how it looks and figure out the next pieces to sew.


This is the time consuming part, as I didn’t really have a plan of how to sew them together.

I got four sections sewn together and realized that it was going to be really frustrating to figure out how to sew the 5 sections together. I decided to simplify and took away one tree, then rearranged the stars to make it look even. I will use the extra tree and stars in smaller projects – maybe some coasters or a center piece for our table. I also got out my seam ripper and reused as much of the background fabric as possible.


Very happy with the finished top!



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