Completing the Tree Skirt

Continuing to use the old tree skirt as a template, I laid out the old tree skirt on top of the new. I outlined the center circle. Then, using a ruler, drew the outer circle 2 inches larger than the old tree skirt (giving myself a little room for shrinkage). I should have figured out where the opening for the tree skirt would be, but I forgot to do this until I was almost done with the quilting.


I then made a quilt sandwich. I like to spray baste. If you’ve never tried it, this is a great tutorial from Chasing Cottons.

I always hem and haw over how to quilt a quilt. I like dense quilting, but my home machine is not really free-motion friendly. So I need to moderate myself a little so I don’t get too frustrated. I decided to echo the triangles of the trees, then fill in some of the extra space with stars. I used a ruler to outline these.


Next was the decision of how to keep the opening closed. I’ve seen buttons and ribbons, but decided to go with Velcro. I made three Velcro tabs. I attached the Velcro tabs to one side of the opening. Then marked the opposite side with the corresponding Velcro and sewed them on.

Finally, attaching the binding! This is definitely the time to use bias binding.


Take the time to pin the binding in the center circle. Man, that was frustrating to sew!


And hand sew the back of the binding.


And let me point out two mistakes in my rush to finish, which you can see in the above photo:

The binding fabric is a diagonal pattern and I folded the fabric in half when I was cutting the 2.5 inch strips (as I normally do). I did not realize until the end that folding the fabric was the wrong thing to do. So there is a segment of the binding that is not stripes.

Also, I did not purchase enough of the backing fabric. So I found another Laurie Wisbrun fabric in my stash (leftover from a bag). Love that the greens match. This is not really a mistake as the back of the tree skirt will not really be seen. However, I had hoped not to have to piece the backing.

And here’s what I love about quilting. Although this tree skirt is not perfect, the finished product looks fabulous!


The kids will be happy that we can put up our tree now!


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