Last Minute Christmas Quilt Along

I have been enjoying Sewing Under Rainbow’s Last Minute Christmas QAL! I do enjoy paper-piecing and am happy to develop/push my capabilities in this area.

I’m not a traditional Christmas person so I was thinking how to mix it up a bit. I decided on a dark blue background 1) because white does not stay white in my household (2 boys + 2 black cats = stains within minutes) 2) December is the time of year where early nights are still pleasant and it’s wonderful to look at Christmas lights. (Come February this is no longer true.)

I choose teal and coral as the main colors as I love this combination and it’s still in the Christmas green and red spectrum without being traditional. I also had some traditional green and red on hand to add in as necessary.

The Tree block was up first. I took a chance and put the green and teal adjacent to each other in the 2-toned tree. I love the clash of those two colors, so I used it through out.


The two snowflakes are my favorite blocks and decided to use them for cornerstones. Since I was doing two of each snowflake, I  used opposite placement of the teal and green for a little variety.

I chose four blocks for the center. I wanted to tell a story while including the blocks that meant the most to me during Christmas. So I chose the Tree, Reindeer, Shooting Star, and Angel. At first I thought to keep the layout in a traditional grid.


But didn’t really like it. Plus, my concept of telling a story was somewhat diminished. So I did more of a story board. I trimmed down some of the blocks to keep it somewhat square.


This quilt turned out so much better than what I had imagined! Now I just need a little more patience until my good quilting machine gets to our new home.




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