Experiment in Enlarging Paper-Pieced Patterns

Right after Sewing Under Rainbow’s Last Minute Christmas QAL, I dove into making my boys some big floor pillows. I had these superhero paper-pieced patterns from Fandom In Stitches website bookmarked for awhile. And, without looking at the patterns to refresh my memory, I ordered 20×20 inch pillow forms.

Yeah, what’s the first thing every pattern says? Read through carefully before beginning.

So, these patterns are for 5-inch blocks. However,  I have been wondering if you can enlarge paper-pieced patterns. These two patterns are at a beginner level, symmetrical, with only a few pieces each – good patterns to experiment with. I enlarged the patterns 200% in Photoshop Elements and off I went sewing.

The only difficulty I came across, if you can call it that, were the seam lines being bigger than 1/4 inch. Solved easily enough.quarterseam

The blocks were 10.5 inches square and I added 6 inch borders around. This is the first time I made pillows, so I used Crazy Mom Quilts Envelope Backed Pillow tutorial to finish them.


Has anyone else experimented with enlarging patterns? Were you successful? Any tips?


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