To Finish or Not to Finish

I finally finished my City Streets quilt.

Savannah City Streets

It has not been the most happy of processes. I recently read a post by Ashley of Film in the Fridge questioning if she should finish a quilt she’s not happy with. Which got me thinking, at what point do I put down a quilt I’m not happy with?

Let me digress a little. City Streets was my quilt that I sent ahead of our move overseas, so I had a project to work on while waiting for the majority of our household goods to make it across the Atlantic. I picked out the block pattern and fabric, tucked in a small cutting mat, ruler, and rotary cutter, and off it went.

A couple weeks later, I started this quilt. It was then that I realized these were small blocks (6.5 inches) and there was a lot of trimming of fabric. Then my cutting board started to shred. I had never seen this before, so it took me a good week to realize what was happening. Next I dropped my rotary cutter, putting a dent in the blade. That’s when one cut of fabric became 4-6 cuts, while constantly moving around the cutting mat so I didn’t cut all the way through to the table. Me, being the stubborn person that I am, didn’t put the project on hold, nor did I purchase new equipment (because I had the good stuff making it’s way over the ocean.) Add to that my design dilemma mentioned here. And running out of fabric. All I have left are 2 fat-eights of the browns, a small square of dark purple and scraps from the border.

Fabric Leftovers

Why did I keep going? Well, one I’m stubborn. Two, it was the only project I had with me at the time. I get seriously cranky if I’m not sewing.

But I did learn quite a few things:

  1. READ the pattern beforehand.
  2. Make sure I have good quality materials (don’t go with things I haven’t used before).
  3. And include a few extra rotary blades. (Seriously, they are not that big.)

What saved this quilt for me was simple quilting (straight-line crosshatching) and a non-pieced backing.


Seriously, is that not the best backing?!


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