2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Marsala

I like (sometimes love) quilt challenges. Gets me out of my comfort zone and pushes me to create something different. Playcrafts and On the Windy Side are hosting the 2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge and I’m in.

2015 Pantone Quilt Challenge: Marsala

Go over to Playcraft’s post and read up a bit. I especially liked Latifah Saafir’s post on Pantone’s color of the year. It really helped me to get a grasp of the color palette and get excited about creating with Marsala.

I started with a Pinterest board – just to see what was out there. Check it out if you need some eclectic inspiration.

Here’s my design idea.

Marsala quilt challenge design

I think Anne’s design influenced mine.

Then I dug through my stash.

Marsala quilt challenge - fabric pull

Marsala is a mixture of brown, red and purple. The fabrics I pulled reflect that range (as I don’t think I have any true marsala colors in my stash): Amy Butler, Alison Glass, Cherrywood Fabrics solid and the top one is a random fat quarter that, of course, doesn’t have the selvedge edge with the fabric information. I wanted to keep the background fabrics light. I’m adding a bit of a medium green in the four-patch. It kind of clashes with the background colors, but I like the combination.

Now on to the sewing!


Technicolor Galaxy Skill Builder BOM

I am doing Pile ‘O Fabric’s 2015 skill builder block of the month (BOM) – Technicolor Galaxy. The design is stunning!

The reason I chose this BOM is to practice different sewing techniques, specifically, applique is on my to-learn list for this year. Why? Because for some reason I have been avoiding it. Which is silly because I hand sew my bindings and I’ve been slowly working on an English paper-piecing quilt. So I know I can hand sew. I need to conquer this fear!

The quilt design uses a color wheel format. Although I like rainbow coloring schemes, they are not my favorite. So I was playing around with  the idea of primary colors with the color wheel in the very center.

Thankfully, as part of the class, we were able to download coloring sheets. And color I did. I’m so low-tech sometimes. I grabbed the colored pencils and put a movie on for the kids.

Technicolor Galaxy color plan

I do love primary colors. My plan is to work from light to dark. I also really want the colors in the center to flow into each other. So I went stash-diving and came up with this fabric pull.

Technicolor Galaxy fabric pull

I most likely won’t use all of this fabric, but I wanted a good variety.

January QDAD Round-up

My two favorite Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) designs from January:

This was the first day of my self-challenge to design with rectangles and the spark photograph was buttons. Funny how that works. I love the simple beauty in “Line Button”. The various sizes/widths of the rectangles make this design striking.

Line Button, January 5, QDAD design

Line Button, January 5, QDAD design

“Windows to the Night” started out as a four-block design that I rotated around, adding the red square at the end. I remember being surprised with the final design.

Windows to the Night, January 26, QDAD design

Windows to the Night, January 26, QDAD design

My two worst designs in January:

In “Smiles” I really enjoyed the half-circles and playing around with placement and negative shape. However, it seems too busy and the colors are a bit off. (I think it’s the gray, but I’m not sure. And since I’m not so enamored with the design, I didn’t go back and play with it.)

Smiles, January 2, QDAD design

Smiles, January 2, QDAD design

“Monster Mouth” was interesting to work with the shapes, but it’s too harsh for me.

Monster Mouth, January 23, QDAD design

Monster Mouth, January 23, QDAD design

Inspiration in the Everyday

Taking photos from my everyday life and finding design inspiration in them. Inspired by my participation in the Quilt Design A Day (QDAD)  group on Facebook.

I spend a lot of time at playgrounds with my boys. We have several in our neighborhood and we try to find them whenever we travel.


The first design is just a simple contrast. I can easily see this as a back of a quilt. It would be fun to do as a scrap project. Design by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch The second design is inspired by the head. I simplified the shape into a triangle, but somewhat off-kilter. The waves are created by the rotation of the triangle. Design by Jenn Rodriguez via Red Patch Third design is taken from the worn edges of the horse (on the tail and mane). I like having the circles a bit off-center. Gives a bit more movement to the design. Design by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch