February QDAD Round-up

My two favorite Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) designs from February:

I love the balance and play of colors in this design.

Balancing Triangles by Jenn Rodriguez

Balancing Triangles, 17 February QDAD design

The spark photograph was of the Jefferson Memorial in DC. I love how this design combined the columns and domes from the photo, but it actually reminds me of the metro (which I took all the time when I lived in the DC area).

Capitol Columns, design by Jenn Rodriguez

Capitol Columns, 21 February QDAD design

My two unsatisfying designs from February:

I’m unhappy with how I used the colors in this design. So many bright colors, but I get a feeling of drab looking at it.

Spools by Jenn Rodriguez

Spools, 1 February QDAD design

I like the idea of what I did, but don’t like the stripes on the left side. Maybe if the variation was more subtle.

Beak, design by Jenn Rodriguez

Beak, 26 February QDAD design



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