Marsala Quilt Challenge: Reveal

I’ve completed my Marsala challenge quilt! You can see my design and fabric pull here, pattern creation part one, and part two. df4c6-marsala2bbutton

Wine-ing Down, designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

OH, this quilt! I love that the Marsala fabrics are the center of the design, but the background is just as interesting as the foreground.

I love the binding! In the QDAD group, I’ve seen some designs that use skinny stripes in the binding and I wanted to try it out. I used different widths from scraps so I could also get a feeling for proportion. It turned out wonderfully!

I also experimented a bit with my quilting. I recently purchased “Shape by Shape” by Angela Walters. It’s always inspiring to see her work. The  spiro-graph and flower petal motifs are from her book. I wasn’t sure how these curvy shapes would look next to the straight line quilting; and was constantly second-guessing my decision. But seeing it here – so lovely!

Wine-ing Down, designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

I am a big fan of pieced backs. Although, this might not be my best work, it was fun to experiment (and use up some of my scraps).

Wine-ing Down back, designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

I think my dissatisfaction comes from the green that I added in. I should have just stuck with the diamonds.

The quilt measures 47 x 47 inches.



  1. Jenn, this turned out fabulously! And I don’t think you have a back so much as a “second front” with those amazing diamonds. 🙂 I love that you mixed up the background fabric to give it some added interest. Beautiful!

  2. There is so much to love about your quilt! Your design is certainly interesting and your quilting takes it to the next level. Love the bits in the binding, and personally, I love the back, including the green. Overall just really lovely!

  3. Your quilting looks great. I love the Sprirograph look in the centre, it works so well in this quilt. I will be checking out Angela’s book after seeing this.

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