Y-seams: tackling a challenging technique

One of my quilts in progress is “While the Cat’s Away” by Wendy Williams. I’m participating in the Block of the Month (BOM) program through Material Obsession, a quilt store in Australia.

This is my current technique-building project – lots of felt applique! Month 7 features a block full of y-seams. The first time I attempted y-seams I was not at all pleased with the finished project – it didn’t lie flat and I wasn’t too sure if the seams would hold-up. So I was a bit intimidated when I saw this block. And then really started to panic when I realized I had to make 8  of them.

So, after I got over my avoidance and through my plotting of alternative piecing methods, I sat down and read the instructions. Lots of deep-breathing followed. I rationalized that the author would not include a radically hard technique, at least not without slowly leading up to it. With my mantra of “I can do this” running through my head, I slowly worked my way through the first block. And guess what? It turned out pretty good.

While the Cat's Away, Month 7 block. Pattern by Wendy Williams.

So I kept on, sewing just one block at a time, taking a break in between.

And there’s the key to learning new techniques:

  1. Read the directions…a couple of times
  2. Go slow
  3. Take enough breaks so you don’t get frustrated

I also think it’s good to remember; if it doesn’t work the first time, try it again, but use a different method. If you were following a paper pattern, try a video or an in-person class.

Now to finish these babies off before my next blocks arrive.



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