At the beginning of the year I went through all my QDAD designs and picked out a few that I wanted to turn into quilts. Flare is the first one that I tackled.

This is the original design from 10 November 2014.

Flare, QDAD design on 10 Nov 2014 by Jenn Rodriguez

I designed the paper piecing pattern by hand. Later, I brought it into Photoshop Elements and reworked it a bit. (Unfortunately after I figured out my 8.5 inch square was not entirely accurate. Rrrrr.) Feel free to use the FlareTemplate. And I would love to see what you create with it.

The block measures 8.5 x 8.5 inches. 4 blocks make up a swirling diamond.


I used all Kona solids (Meringue, Banana,Mustard, Mango, Baby Blue, Peacock, Pewter, and Lagoon. If you’re interested in those things.)

For the back I decided to free-form a super-sized block.

Flare - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

It was a fairly quick project. I really love working from my own design: a challenge to work out the pattern and templates, fun in picking out fabrics, seeing the design become reality as I’m piecing it, and then the finished product. You should try it sometime!

I’m thinking of shrinking the block to make a table runner….Maybe next year.

The finished size is 48.5″ x 48.5″.

And a glimpse at my cute little helpers.

Flare - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez




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