Year of Exploring Applique

This year I wanted to explore applique. It is not a technique I had used very much before this year. In fact, I felt like I was avoiding projects that used applique. I needed to change that.

My big project this year was While the Cat’s Away by Wendy Williams. It is currently at the quilters, so I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish it before the New Year.

While the Cat's Away, pattern by Wendy Williams, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez

My other project is Technicolor Galaxy – a skillbuilder block of the month through Pile ‘O Fabrics. I’m about 2/3rds of the way through.

I have 2 more projects I’d like to at least start this year. One is my QDAD design from 23 December 2014. I plan to piece the triangles, then raw edge applique them to the background.

Stars, design by Jenn Rodriguez

The other is Fountain in Alison Glass’ Applique book. This one is reverse applique. I’m using this dark splatter Alison Glass fabric and a mint jersey fabric.



Upcycling Project

I recently went through my clothing and finally got rid of some jeans that didn’t fit. Instead of throwing them away I wanted to use them to make some baskets.

To prep the jeans, I cut off the waistband and cut the inseam to open up the pants. I squared off the pants, guess-timating how big I wanted to make the basket. (This was definitely an improv project – no pattern or size, and just a general idea of how I wanted it to look.)

I took the length of the side (circumference of the circle) and used this calculator from Calculator Soup to get the radius for the bottom of the basket.  Then I used my protractor to draw the bottom circle. (Thankfully the radius was small enough for a normal protractor.)

Jean Basket by Jenn Rodriguez

I used these pieces as my pattern to cut the lining fabric.

I decided to use fusible fleece to add a bit more structure to the basket. I would love to try it with Annie’s Soft and Stable. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough on hand to try it. I was hoping the interfacing would help with the stretch in the jean fabric. However I still had to fix some areas that had warping.

I decided to add handles, using the bottom cuffs of the jeans on one and some left over twill on the other. I also think the waistband would work well for handles.

Jean Basket by Jenn Rodriguez

A fun project. And it feels good to not reuse some old clothing.

Hot Sauce Holster

My husband recently had a birthday and he requested a hot sauce holster. He had bought a couple of holders he thought would work, but ended up being too small. I repurposed two of them for this project – one for the main parts, the other for parts to enlarge the holster to fit his El Yucateco hot sauce.


The old one on the left – my version is on the right.


A fun little project. No comes the real test – how durable is it?

October QDAD Round-up

My two favorite Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) designs from October:

I love that the basic shape is a Drunkard’s Path, but laid out a bit differently. One of the QDADer’s expressed an interest to pattern test this, so I’m in the middle of writing up directions.

Feathered, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Feathered, 20 October QDAD design

I love the mix of shapes. And you could show off some great quilting in all that negative space.

Going to the Roof, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Going to the Roof, 24 October QDAD design

My two least successful designs from October:

I like the various sizes of triangles, but I think I need to balance the composition a bit more.

Foggy Peaks, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Foggy Peaks, 19 October QDAD design

I’m just not fond of the pill shape. I’d love to find some time to rework this one.

Prickly Pear, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Prickly Pear, 29 October QDAD design





Inspiration in the Everyday

Taking photos from my everyday life and finding design inspiration in them. Inspired by my participation in the Quilt Design A Day (QDAD)  group on Facebook.

October’s inspiration is a bike rack.

Bike Rack

My first design I shamelessly copied the bike rack. I felt like the single gray horizontal bar was a bit boring so I added in the small squares.

Inspired by a bike rack, design by Jenn Rodriguez

 The second design started with the vertical dual bars. I played around a lot with placement and how I layered the elements.

Inspired by a bike rack, design by Jenn Rodriguez

For my final design I used the square from the sewer cover, layered the oval from the bike rack on top, then played around with the background color.

Inspired by a bike rack, design by Jenn Rodriguez