Upcycling Project

I recently went through my clothing and finally got rid of some jeans that didn’t fit. Instead of throwing them away I wanted to use them to make some baskets.

To prep the jeans, I cut off the waistband and cut the inseam to open up the pants. I squared off the pants, guess-timating how big I wanted to make the basket. (This was definitely an improv project – no pattern or size, and just a general idea of how I wanted it to look.)

I took the length of the side (circumference of the circle) and used this calculator from Calculator Soup to get the radius for the bottom of the basket.  Then I used my protractor to draw the bottom circle. (Thankfully the radius was small enough for a normal protractor.)

Jean Basket by Jenn Rodriguez

I used these pieces as my pattern to cut the lining fabric.

I decided to use fusible fleece to add a bit more structure to the basket. I would love to try it with Annie’s Soft and Stable. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough on hand to try it. I was hoping the interfacing would help with the stretch in the jean fabric. However I still had to fix some areas that had warping.

I decided to add handles, using the bottom cuffs of the jeans on one and some left over twill on the other. I also think the waistband would work well for handles.

Jean Basket by Jenn Rodriguez

A fun project. And it feels good to not reuse some old clothing.



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