2015 Year of Applique Review

2015 was my year to explore applique. It was a success! I feel more comfortable with applique, tried quite a few different techniques, and developed a few opinions.

My biggest project was While the Cat’s Away (blogged about here).

While the Cat's Away; pattern by Wendy Williams, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez, quilted by Page Johnson

This quilt really helped me to learn different hand stitches and become comfortable with the technique and pace. Hand applique will not be an everyday technique for me, but I do love the meditative quality and will continue to do occasional projects.

Another big (unfinished project) is Technicolor Galaxy.

Technicolor Galaxy pattern by Alyssa Lichner

There are several applique techniques in this BOM: machine, needle-turn, and bias tape. I’m not sure if this last technique is officially part of the applique repertoire, but to me it is a type of machine applique, and was brand new to me. I loved learning the new techniques in this BOM. Glue basting was especially an eye-opener for me. And I will/have used these techniques in other projects.

Machine applique was not new to me. But I loved taking one of my QDAD design to reality with this technique. You can read more about the Stars quilt here.

Stars quilt, designed and sewn by Jenn Rodriguez

It is a fast technique. One thing I would like to explore further is using different applique stitches on my Janome.

I also tried reverse applique with Alison Glass’s Fountain pattern (about 2/3rds finished). She has a very casual quilt along happening right now.

Fountain, pattern by Alison Glass, sewn by Jenn Rodriguez

I think this is my favorite applique technique. It has the slow, meditative quality that hand stitching brings. But using a basic running stitching, makes it a bit quicker. I also find that I see progress a little bit quicker, which motivates me to keep going.

What are your favorite applique techniques? What have I missed?



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