QDAD Redo – January

This year I want to practice working on not-so-great designs that I’ve done; exploring how I can make them better. So I’m repurposing my Inspiration in the Everyday series into QDAD Redo. I’m going to go back to last year’s QDAD Round Up and choose one of the two bad ones and rework them.

For January, I chose “Smiles” from 2 January, 2015.

January 2 QDAD design

January 2 QDAD design

What I liked about this design is how the tiny diamonds are created where the 4 half-circles meet. So I took it back down the original shape and started playing.

Smiles Redo Mosaic, design by Jenn Rodriguez


One of my “tricks” when I don’t like a design is copying and rotating (normally by 90 degree increments) a set of shapes that I like. You can see above that I played around with the tiling quite a bit before coming back to a simpler design. Then I experimented with rotating it so it took up more vertical than horizontal space.

I’m pretty happy with the final (for now) design.


Can you see another design path to experiment with? Are you partial to one of the other designs along the way? Why?


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