January QDAD Round Up

Right after Christmas, I had this idea to start a Designer’s Block of the Month (BOM) with the QDADers. The idea is for the Design Leader to choose an artist as inspiration, create a photo album, post their design based off of one of the artist’s pieces, create and post directions for their design, and include a link to the artist’s webpage or website with information on the artist and their work. Those of us who are participating in the design portion, pick a work that inspires us and creates a quilt design from it.  Next comes #QDAD2reality – sewing up our designs. For those who want to sew along, but not design, they can use the directions provided by the design leader.

So I furiously organized and got January’s inspiration done in a week.

I chose my brother, Jeremy Szopinski, as the inspirational artist. My design was from his “Men of Renown #4” piece.

One of the design difficulties I had was how to translate the layers of paint. Something I would like to explore further.

After my mad dash to get everything ready by 1 January, I went back and did some more designs – one of which I really liked.

This design was much more dynamic than I thought and I had a hard time deciding on the layout. As you can see, I changed my mind from the original design.

I’ll be finishing up the table runner this week.


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