East meets West

This is a QDAD design from 23 June, 2015.

Amish mini - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn RodriguezOne of my creative goals this year is to work in a series. This is the mini version. I’m halfway through the twin-sized version. And can I tell you how frustrated I am with my quilt math abilities. I’m seam ripping for the third time….ugh.

The back of the quilt was my first attempt at minimalism – February’s challenge with the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. Although I love this, there’s too many fabrics to really classify this as minimalism.

Amish mini back - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

I’ve been wanting to give Sashiko stitching a try. I don’t normally do mini quilts or wall hangings, so this was the perfect time to try it out. I was also secretly wondering how a traditionally Japanese stitching would look with an Amish-inspired design. If you take these techniques out of their culture, what changes? Do they mix well? Personally, I love this mixture and will be trying it again.


February QDAD Round-up

This month’s Designer’s BOM artist was Gustav Klimt. I chose “Die Hoffnung II” for my inspiration.

Design by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch Works


Designed and pieced by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch Works

My two favorite Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) designs from February:

I got to this point and thought I might play around with transparency, but the longer I looked at this design the more I liked it. So I stopped here.

Cross Roads, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Cross Roads, 17 February QDAD design

Flowers, using triangles = the all see-ing eye in a Southwest color palette.

Blossom, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Blossom, 22 February QDAD design

My two least successful designs from February:

Playing Tetris didn’t really work here.

Untitled, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Untitled, 5 February QDAD design

The inspiration was a red barn door. But I don’t like these colors together and I couldn’t really make the elements cohesive.

Crossed, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Crossed, 19 February QDAD design





QDAD Redo – February

This year I want to practice working on not-so-great designs that I’ve done; exploring how I can make them better. Hence, QDAD Redo. I’m going to go back to last year’s QDAD Round Up to choose one of the two bad ones and rework them.

For February, I choose “Beaks” from 26 Feb, 2015.

Beak, design by Jenn Rodriguez

Beak, 26 February QDAD design

What I liked about this design are the angled rectangles. I started there, copy, paste and flip.


I ended up limiting my color palette. I really liked the 2nd one in this series, but kept going with it. I’m surprised that I still achieve the angled movement with just the light blue triangles.


Can you see another design path to experiment with? Are you partial to one of the other designs along the way? Why?