East meets West

This is a QDAD design from 23 June, 2015.

Amish mini - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn RodriguezOne of my creative goals this year is to work in a series. This is the mini version. I’m halfway through the twin-sized version. And can I tell you how frustrated I am with my quilt math abilities. I’m seam ripping for the third time….ugh.

The back of the quilt was my first attempt at minimalism – February’s challenge with the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. Although I love this, there’s too many fabrics to really classify this as minimalism.

Amish mini back - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

I’ve been wanting to give Sashiko stitching a try. I don’t normally do mini quilts or wall hangings, so this was the perfect time to try it out. I was also secretly wondering how a traditionally Japanese stitching would look with an Amish-inspired design. If you take these techniques out of their culture, what changes? Do they mix well? Personally, I love this mixture and will be trying it again.



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