Summer Musing

During our move this summer, we spent a couple of weeks at an Airbnb farmhouse. This well-loved quilt welcomed us to our rooms everyday.


About a week into our stay, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a “mistake” in the quilt. Immediately I felt guilty about thinking this word. All summer I’ve been thinking about this and why did it produce this feeling.

First, this is a finished quilt that is both functional and beautiful. This “mistake” does not make it any less of a quilt. In fact, all it is, is a deviation from pattern.

A deviation from a pattern is not a mistake – it is part of the creative journey, whether conscious or unconscious. A lot of my designs start as a deviation from pattern. For example, I love the traditional flying geese block. But I try to use it in a different layout or size to create something that reflects my mood/personality/design goal.

Twirling Geese block, designed by Jenn Rodriguez

After this summer-long musing I came to the conclusion that I need to be kinder in thought and word to others (and to myself).


August QDAD Round-up

My two favorite Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) designs from August:

I love the curves from the adapted Dresden circles. This is getting added to my “must make” list.

Dresden Circle Meets VW Bug, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Dresden Circle Meets VW Bug, 15 August QDAD design

These are flying geese rotated 120 degrees. I also experimented with a peach background.

Pineapple Geese, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Pineapple Geese, 23 August QDAD design

My two least successful designs from August:

I really enjoyed experimenting with the shading of these half-square triangles. The overall design is lacking but I see potential here.

That One, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

That One, 10 August QDAD design

This design just didn’t inspire me. Sigh.

Posts, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Posts, 13 August QDAD design