Summer Musing

During our move this summer, we spent a couple of weeks at an Airbnb farmhouse. This well-loved quilt welcomed us to our rooms everyday.


About a week into our stay, out of the corner of my eye I noticed a “mistake” in the quilt. Immediately I felt guilty about thinking this word. All summer I’ve been thinking about this and why did it produce this feeling.

First, this is a finished quilt that is both functional and beautiful. This “mistake” does not make it any less of a quilt. In fact, all it is, is a deviation from pattern.

A deviation from a pattern is not a mistake – it is part of the creative journey, whether conscious or unconscious. A lot of my designs start as a deviation from pattern. For example, I love the traditional flying geese block. But I try to use it in a different layout or size to create something that reflects my mood/personality/design goal.

Twirling Geese block, designed by Jenn Rodriguez

After this summer-long musing I came to the conclusion that I need to be kinder in thought and word to others (and to myself).


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