QDAD Redo – September

This year I want to practice working on not-so-great designs that I’ve done; exploring how I can make them better. Hence, QDAD Redo. I’m going to go back to last year’s QDAD Round Up to choose one of the two bad ones and rework them.

For September, I choose “Roller Coaster Tressil” from September 11, 2015.

Roller Coaster Tressil, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Roller Coaster Tressil, 11 September QDAD design

I was surprised by where I went on this redesign – pixilation. I admire the hard work and technique that goes into making pixilated quilts, but I am not naturally attracted them. That being said I really enjoyed experimenting with this form.

I like to start by identifying what part of the design I like. In this case, how the blue and red rectangles overlapped.



You can tell by these last few versions, once I like a design, I spend some time experimenting with color.

Can you see another design path to experiment with? Are you partial to one of the other designs along the way? Why?


September QDAD Round-up

My two favorite Quilt Design a Day (QDAD) designs from September:

Have you seen some of those fractured-shape quilts? This was my attempt…I kind of like it.

Crystal, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Crystal, 9 September QDAD design

The inspirational picture was a close up of artichokes – very cool looking. I experimented a lot with switching out the background colors to make some of these shapes “disappear”.

Artichoke Stripes, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Artichoke Stripes, 19 September QDAD design

My two least successful designs from September:

I really wanted to like this color-block versus improv blocks.

Mosaic Building, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Mosaic Building, 1 September QDAD design

I still kind of like this one, but it needs a bit of work.

Tile, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Tile, 6 September QDAD design