QDAD Redo – October

This year I want to practice working on not-so-great designs that I’ve done; exploring how I can make them better. Hence, QDAD Redo. I’m going to go back to last year’s QDAD Round Up to choose one of the two bad ones and rework them.

For October, I choose “Prickly Pear” from October 29, 2015.

Prickly Pear, designed by Jenn Rodriguez at Red Patch

Prickly Pear, 29 October QDAD design

I am still really drawn to the “spikes” in this design. So I went back to the basic shape, but instead of drawing pointy triangles, I went for flying geese. And the design evolved from there.




These last two designs were more experiments – what if the shape went off canvas? (It ended up looking like a sideways robot) What if I tiled it? (Nice but a bit too square) I like these designs significantly more than my original. However, I still haven’t gotten to the “this is THE design”.

Can you see another design path to experiment with? Are you partial to one of the other designs along the way? Why?


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