2016 Round Up

For the past couple of years, I’ve made a list of goals and quilts. I print it out and hang it up in my quilting space, in the hope that this helps me to focus my energy and efforts. It works, somewhat, but I also allow myself to veer off a little.

This past year I wanted to focus on:

  • Working in a series (done – this one, and that one, and I’m in the process of quilting another. I also did a few designs in a series because it goes a tiny bit quicker than completing quilts)
  • Finish my Technicolor Galaxy quilt by Alyssa Lichner (I need to dig this out and finish)
  • Make Cogs and Wheels, pattern by Denyse Schmidt (moved to next year, haven’t even started)
  • Submit a quilt to a magazine to be published (Yes! To be published in Spring 2017)

I still need to spend some time thinking about 2017. But as you can see, I have a list partially started.