This & That – January Edition

In December, I found myself stressed out by too many sewing projects. Rope baskets for Christmas presents, a twin-sized quilt, start of another quilt and then I found myself preparing 3 quilts for QuiltCon. Just a little too much. So I started using my evenings after work a little differently. 20-30 minutes working on my projects, which I prioritized. I finally feel like I’ve pulled myself out. Christmas presents given, quilts shipped, binding on the twin quilt and there’s now time to piece the second quilt.

My husband gave me a potato ricer and gnocchi roller for Christmas. I miss good gnocchi from our 2 years in Italy, so I figured I could learn how to make it. Turned out great! And the real test was my kids ate them.gnocchi

I’ve been reading the Colette blog for awhile. I really enjoyed this recent post on tools vs. process. I started following the blog as I’ve been contemplating sewing clothing (for about 2 years now) and I like their style. But what got me hooked was their behind-the-scenes series of how they get from an idea to a pattern (part 1 and part 2). Fascinating!

I read Little Labors by Rivka Galchen. I want to use the book’s colors in a quilt. (The book was good, too. And I really appreciate the short vignettes about motherhood. I needed short bites after all the holiday craziness.)


Over our Christmas trip, we listened to Serial Season 2 podcast. This season explored the Bowe Bergdahl case, the soldier who was held captive by the Taliban for 5 years. One thing I really appreciated is hearing the whole story together. I found that I had missed a lot of the events and only hearing snippets in the news does not give you a complete picture. Also, being in a military family I had a lot of prejudice (or maybe prejudgement) because of the military culture I’m immersed in. Eye-opening for sure and the Serial staff do such a great job of telling a story.



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