Design Dienstag – April

In an attempt to be more consistent in the time I spend designing quilts, here’s Design Dienstag (Tuesday in German).

I’ll spend Tuesdays doing designs on the monthly theme and post them at the end of the month.

April’s color palette:

April Colorway



April Showers | design by Jenn Rodriguez


Easter | design by Jenn Rodriguez


This & That – April Edition

I found a new mystery series by Becky Masterman. I tore through Rage Against the Dying and am now working on #2 Fear the Darkness.

Spring weather has hit and it’s so nice to enjoy our sun room again. The cats have been enjoying the sun room, too. Watching the birds and squirrels. We even got out and started cleaning up the yard, racking up some leftover leaves, getting rid of sticks. In the process, discovered that we have some rhubarb growing! Pie is in our future.

We went to Reiman Garden’s Easter Egg Hunt. The long line went fast. I loved how they organized it: empty plastic eggs to find, then the kids turn in the eggs for a goodie bag. While there, we wandered some of the gardens and, of course, checked out which butterflies were hatching. Isn’t this one gorgeous?

Finished – Technicolor Galaxy

I finished my Technicolor Galaxy quilt this month! This was Alyssa Lichner’s (Pile O Fabric) Skill Builder block of the month from 2015. I did really well for the first half of 2015, then my motivation dropped. I finally picked it up again in January. I only had 4 blocks left to do and then I could assemble the quilt-as-you-go (qayg) blocks.

I’ve got to admit that I really struggled in assembling this quilt. Glue basting worked well on the individual blocks. But glue basting the long wedges together was frustrating, having to redo them several times before I was able to stitch them. Also, I had to resew the center a couple of times, so I’m not entirely confident the center seams will stay together if I wash it. Despite all that, I learned a lot.

Technicolor Galaxy | designe by Alyssa Lichner, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

The best skill I learned was QAYG. I had heard of this method before, but had never used it. I also didn’t realize we were using QAYG when we first started the quilt. So my design choices were based on tradition piecing. When it came time to piecing all the wedges together it took me a long time to decide how to do the binding. I didn’t want defined lines, so I pieced strips so the colors meshed.

I think it turned out really beautiful and cohesive.

Technicolor Galaxy | designe by Alyssa Lichner, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

Technicolor Galaxy | designe by Alyssa Lichner, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

Name: Technicolor Galaxy

Designed by: Alyssa Lichner

Started: January 2015

Finished: April 2017