Finished – Amish Reflections

This is the last quilt I started on last year, during my year of series. My original plan was to play around with the scale of one block.

Amish Play, version 1, by Jenn Rodriguez Amish Play, version 2, by Jenn Rodriguez Amish Play, version 3, by Jenn Rodriguez

But then I got this itch to explore it in a different way. When I first designed this block, I thought it reminded me of an Amish design. Was it the colors? solids? block design? So I decided to explore a little bit by doing one side in solids and the same design on the back, but in prints. I kept the same colorway.

Amish Reflections, front | designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

The quilt came together really quickly. The hardest part was lining up the front and the back while I was making the quilt sandwich. Lot of pins to mark where edges and corners were.

Amish Reflections, back | designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

Adding in the prints, completely changed the feeling of this quilt for me. But this is my favorite side. It’s also a little ode to Cotton & Steel. I’ve loved all the fabric this company has come out with, but this is the first time I’ve done a whole quilt in their fabric.


Started: December 2016

Finished: January 2017

Dimensions: 91.5″ x  67″

Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out started as a mini quilt to explore the theme of Minimalist Improvisation by Season Evan for the 2016 Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. This was actually my second attempt at the theme. The first attempt I forgot about the minimalist part.

Odd Man Out beginning, by Jenn Rodriguez

Once I reached this point, I was really enjoying the process and decided to continue with the navy blues.

Odd Man Out, process, by Jenn Rodriguez

Odd Man Out, process, by Jenn Rodriguez

I loved the mix of navy quilting cottons, chambray (gave lots of direction/movement), home dec and other mystery fabrics from my stash. I lost the minimalist feeling to this as it grew, but really love the final result.

Odd Man Out, finished front, by Jenn Rodriguez

The “back” of the quilt is my exploration of Rossie Hutchinson’s, One Wrong Color tutorial, for the same quilting club. This was not a new technique for me, so it went quicker. Though I think I could have stretched myself a little bit more on the wrong color.

Odd Man Out, finished back, by Jenn Rodriguez

This is heading to QuiltCon. So if you’re in Savannah in February, check it out!

East meets West

This is a QDAD design from 23 June, 2015.

Amish mini - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn RodriguezOne of my creative goals this year is to work in a series. This is the mini version. I’m halfway through the twin-sized version. And can I tell you how frustrated I am with my quilt math abilities. I’m seam ripping for the third time….ugh.

The back of the quilt was my first attempt at minimalism – February’s challenge with the Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. Although I love this, there’s too many fabrics to really classify this as minimalism.

Amish mini back - designed, pieced and quilted by Jenn Rodriguez

I’ve been wanting to give Sashiko stitching a try. I don’t normally do mini quilts or wall hangings, so this was the perfect time to try it out. I was also secretly wondering how a traditionally Japanese stitching would look with an Amish-inspired design. If you take these techniques out of their culture, what changes? Do they mix well? Personally, I love this mixture and will be trying it again.

Finish – Stars

Stars is a QDAD design I did in December 2014. (Yes, it’s taken me a year to actually make it.)

Stars, QDAD design, 23 Dec 2014, by Jenn Rodriguez

It is a combination of machine piecing and raw-edge machine applique. This quilt is a part of my exploration of applique. I love how fast this type of applique is. It only took a few sewing days to put the top together. Now I just need to use this quilt and wash it a few times to see how durable raw-edge applique is.


Piecing for Stars quilt, designed and sewn by Jenn Rodriguez

I had to cut down my original triangles so everything would fit on the amount of background fabric I had. I used Pellon Wonder Under to fuse the pieced triangles to the background fabric.

Stars quilt, designed and sewn by Jenn Rodriguez

I decided to machine applique all three layers. I think next time I use this technique, I’ll applique the shapes to the background fabric first, then doing the normal quilt sandwich.

Stars quilt, designed and sewn by Jenn Rodriguez

For the back used left-over fabric to create striped piece in the middle, then surrounded it with all the cheddar yellow fabrics I could find in my stash.

Back of Stars quilt, designed and sewn by Jenn Rodriguez

Finish – While the Cat’s Away

Can I just gush for a moment?

While the Cat's Away; pattern by Wendy Williams, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez, quilted by Page Johnson

I love this quilt! So much time and work went into this one. I felt like I really pushed myself learning new techniques and I am thrilled with the finished quilt. Plus, it’s a lovely non-traditional medallion quilt.

Onto specifics. The pattern is While the Cat’s Away by Wendy Williams. I did this as part of a Block of the Month (BOM) club through Material Obssession in Australia. I loved spending time absorbing the color and pattern mixtures the Material Obsession team put together for this BOM. It’s a mixture of machine piecing and wool hand applique. Page Johnson quilted it for me. She did a wonderful job (and smoothed out some of my rough areas. Thank you, Page!).

This year I was focusing on applique. It’s not a technique I had used much and I wanted to change that. This pattern used a lot of wool, hand applique. Can I tell you how slow I was when I started?! I was consistently behind the pace. I could machine piece the blocks in a couple of hours. But it took me 2 months of at least an hour a day to hand applique the blocks. Slowly, I got used to the stitches and increased my speed. By the last month I was caught up and finished the final block within that month.

While the Cat's Away; pattern by Wendy Williams, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez, quilted by Page Johnson

Other challenges with this quilt. The first of the 4 sunbursts blocks almost did me in. I did not understand the instructions and went back multiple times to cut the circle correctly. I finally got the right size so I could sew the inset circle.

While the Cat's Away; pattern by Wendy Williams, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez

I also learned how to do y-seams. I am far from proficient on these. But as long as I take my time, they turn out well.

While the Cat's Away, Month 7 block. Pattern by Wendy Williams.

For the back, I used some of the leftover fabric along with Carolyn Friedlander’s tangerine crosshatch from her Architextures line.

While the Cat's Away; pattern by Wendy Williams, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez, quilted by Page Johnson

Look at that quilting! I was very nervous and unsure of how to quilt this myself. I’m so glad I decided to send it to a long-armer.