April Progress for #the100DayProject

I’m a month into my 100 day project of hand sewing for at least 15 minutes a day. I enjoy seeing the progress of my photos over the month. I’ve finished 2 rosette 4’s on my La Passacaglia quilt, pattern by Willyne Hammerstein.

Rosette 4 for La Passacaglia quilt, pattern by Willyne Hammerstein, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez Rosette 4 for La Passacaglia quilt, pattern by Willyne Hammerstein, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez

And I started and finished the top for my Heartburst mini quilt, pattern by Libs Elliott. While I was at Sewtopia, Libs taught a class on English paper piecing focusing on the heart shape. I ended up buying her Heartburst mini pattern and used the hearts in that project.

Heartburst mini quilt, pattern by Libs Elliott, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez

In case you’re wondering how you sew the curve, you use a flat stitch. One of the tricks Libs offered was to use masking tape to keep the 2 pieces lined up while you’re stitching. I can’t wait to finish it up!

My goal for May is finishing a rosette 2 – it’s a big one! And attaching my Rosette 4s to the quilt. You can follow along with my process on Instagram #redpatchworks


This & That – April 2018 Edition

At the beginning of the month I attended Sewtopia in Salt Lake City, UT. Jacquie Gering and Libs Elliott taught classes and we had a lot of sewing time! Here’s a picture of our sewing tables  in the midst of Jacquie’s class.

Sewtopia SLC

I also enjoyed discovering Salt Lake City – it was my first time there! I recommend Eva’s Bakery and their avocado and roasted beet toast for breakfast!

I’ve been binging on Heather Gudenkauf novels lately.

I attended the opening reception for Victoria Findley Wolfe’s “Playing with Purpose” exhibit at the Iowa Quilt museum. So incredibly colorful and playful!

Victoria Findlay Wolfe's Playing with Purpose exhibit at the Iowa Quilt Museum



100 Days of Hand Sewing

I’m going to try a 100 day project. I need to get back into my La Passacaglia project and am hoping 100 days of hand sewing will get me started again. I need to do a minimum of 15 minutes of hand sewing a day. I’m purposely being a little generic so I can also count hand sewing bindings in this project.

Here’s were I currently stand with my project.

La Passacaglia progress, March 2018

I’d guess I’m somewhere between 1/4th to 1/3rd of the way through the pattern. I have fabric for 2 more Rosette 4s cut out and am cutting out fabric for a Rosette 2. I’m sure I’ll have to pause at some point to prep more fabric, but this should keep me going for a bit.

You can see my progress at #redpatchworks

This & That – February 2018 Edition

I turned 40 in February! My boys treated me to a nice dinner out (desserts and drinks included) plus they indulged my sewing habit and gave me Every Day Essentials by Anna Graham. My sister took me to a Valerie June concert, first live concert I’ve been to in about 10 years. My brother gave me one of his amazing paintings! It inspired me to set up a picture wall in our living/dining room area.

Tracking my reading this month, I finished 4 books. My favorite was Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. Way out of my normal genre, but so engaging and moving!

I’ve been really trying to sew from my stash for the last couple of years. I really enjoyed reading about this stash shrinker. I’m giving it a try.

I’m a big fan of The Moth podcast. So when I saw a grand slam winner has a podcast, Family Ghosts, I added it to my listen-to list.

Pillow February

Somehow February ended up being a pillow making month. My boys had been asking to make pillows for a couple of weekends. I finally went out and bought pillow forms. I let them “design” the front, then helped them cut out the rectangles.

The boys are finally tall enough they can reach the foot pedal and guide the fabric. Though the foot pedal is much more fun and I ended up being the fabric guide for a lot of the sewing. I did give them a break, while I re-enforced some stitching. Then they finished up sewing the back to the front.

These are pretty proud boys.

My second project was a reverse applique pillow. My local quilt guild is having a May flower challenge – you can make anything but you need to use at least 6 inches of the focus fabric and it can’t be bigger than 36 inches square. I haven’t done reverse applique in awhile and thought this would be a fun way to showcase the focus fabric. I chose a solid color jersey knit that complemented the fabric. I traced the basic flower pattern I had in mind, but then tried to free-form or improv embroidery stitches/patterns. This was such a great, quick project! And the pillow has found it’s mate with my blue reading chair.

May Flower Challenge Pillow, designed and made by Jenn Rodriguez