Alison Glass Challenge

Quilting Jetgirl started off the New Year with an Alison Glass fabric challenge. Well…I’ve kind of loved Alison Glass’ fabric for a long time. However I did not realize the extent of this love. As I went through my stash, I had a good pile of fabric – enough to narrow down to a specific palette. So I chose purple, teal and lime green and brought in a black Michael Miller solid for my background. (And I realized about half-way through that one of the lime fabrics was Tula Pink 😉

And what did I decide to make?

Pattern is Green Apples by Lisa Walton, pieced by Jenn Rodriguez

The pattern is “Crisp Apples” by Lisa Walton which you can find in Modern Quilts Unlimited, Summer 2013. Yes, I’ve had my eye on this pattern for a long time and this was the perfect pattern to showcase AG fabric.

The quilt I did before this had 9 seams in total and so this was quite a change. I started with 168 half-square triangles. Piecing-intensive!

There was also a point during construction where my mantra was “trust the pattern”. I didn’t think the colors were placed well or would work well together. “Trust the pattern, trust the pattern”.

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This & That – January Edition

In December, I found myself stressed out by too many sewing projects. Rope baskets for Christmas presents, a twin-sized quilt, start of another quilt and then I found myself preparing 3 quilts for QuiltCon. Just a little too much. So I started using my evenings after work a little differently. 20-30 minutes working on my projects, which I prioritized. I finally feel like I’ve pulled myself out. Christmas presents given, quilts shipped, binding on the twin quilt and there’s now time to piece the second quilt.

My husband gave me a potato ricer and gnocchi roller for Christmas. I miss good gnocchi from our 2 years in Italy, so I figured I could learn how to make it. Turned out great! And the real test was my kids ate them.gnocchi

I’ve been reading the Colette blog for awhile. I really enjoyed this recent post on tools vs. process. I started following the blog as I’ve been contemplating sewing clothing (for about 2 years now) and I like their style. But what got me hooked was their behind-the-scenes series of how they get from an idea to a pattern (part 1 and part 2). Fascinating!

I read Little Labors by Rivka Galchen. I want to use the book’s colors in a quilt. (The book was good, too. And I really appreciate the short vignettes about motherhood. I needed short bites after all the holiday craziness.)


Over our Christmas trip, we listened to Serial Season 2 podcast. This season explored the Bowe Bergdahl case, the soldier who was held captive by the Taliban for 5 years. One thing I really appreciated is hearing the whole story together. I found that I had missed a lot of the events and only hearing snippets in the news does not give you a complete picture. Also, being in a military family I had a lot of prejudice (or maybe prejudgement) because of the military culture I’m immersed in. Eye-opening for sure and the Serial staff do such a great job of telling a story.


Odd Man Out

Odd Man Out started as a mini quilt to explore the theme of Minimalist Improvisation by Season Evan for the 2016 Mighty Lucky Quilting Club. This was actually my second attempt at the theme. The first attempt I forgot about the minimalist part.

Odd Man Out beginning, by Jenn Rodriguez

Once I reached this point, I was really enjoying the process and decided to continue with the navy blues.

Odd Man Out, process, by Jenn Rodriguez

Odd Man Out, process, by Jenn Rodriguez

I loved the mix of navy quilting cottons, chambray (gave lots of direction/movement), home dec and other mystery fabrics from my stash. I lost the minimalist feeling to this as it grew, but really love the final result.

Odd Man Out, finished front, by Jenn Rodriguez

The “back” of the quilt is my exploration of Rossie Hutchinson’s, One Wrong Color tutorial, for the same quilting club. This was not a new technique for me, so it went quicker. Though I think I could have stretched myself a little bit more on the wrong color.

Odd Man Out, finished back, by Jenn Rodriguez

This is heading to QuiltCon. So if you’re in Savannah in February, check it out!

2016 Round Up

For the past couple of years, I’ve made a list of goals and quilts. I print it out and hang it up in my quilting space, in the hope that this helps me to focus my energy and efforts. It works, somewhat, but I also allow myself to veer off a little.

This past year I wanted to focus on:

  • Working in a series (done – this one, and that one, and I’m in the process of quilting another. I also did a few designs in a series because it goes a tiny bit quicker than completing quilts)
  • Finish my Technicolor Galaxy quilt by Alyssa Lichner (I need to dig this out and finish)
  • Make Cogs and Wheels, pattern by Denyse Schmidt (moved to next year, haven’t even started)
  • Submit a quilt to a magazine to be published (Yes! To be published in Spring 2017)

I still need to spend some time thinking about 2017. But as you can see, I have a list partially started.